Pre cut Foil and ready to use Aluminium Foil For Hookah

There is that moment when you Perforated the Aluminum foil, that moment when you prepare your "Shisha", It's fun indeed, it's some kind of ritual I think. 
But when you smoke 10 times a day (like I do) or you don't have that patience or time to make one hole at the time you have a fine solution. 

I present to you the

20" Hookah

Sometimes you look for a medium hookah, not to big and not too small. 
The 20" hookah is for smokers who like to benefit both worlds, it's easy to pack while you travell or go to the beach, and it also can have the advantages of living room piece, when you can invite friends. 

Normally i recommend the Syrian hookahs, which are better but if you don't smoke a lot this medium hookah can be just fine. 

The adavntages as I said are

12" Hookah

You should visit the red sea, our amazing shores, I live in Eilat, Eilat is like the little Miami, here in Israel. anyway beside the hot weather, the fine beaches, I have a personal easy to carry hookah. 

The 12" Hookah is specially made for beginners who don't smoke a lot or for those who like to take Hookah with them for travelling, get a tan on the beach, on their car etc. 

it weights about 1 kg, It's approximately 30cm height. 

The advantages are :