Tip # 4 burned tobacco

The most annoying thing that could happen when you smoke hookah is over burned tobacco, some can not smoke it at all, it can be for many reasons, wind, too much tobacco, strong coals, too many coals, less tobacco and many more reasons..
first look on how to make a proper head (bowl)
here are some more tips to avoid over burned tobacco: 
+ make some more holes
+ make smaller holes
+ check if by any chance you put more or less tobacco
+ don't force and push the tobacco at once, spread it gently
+ smoke often, sometimes people smoke a lot and a lot on one hookah, it's recommended to take a break for a minute or so, once the tobacco is over burned.
+ use a toothpick from the bottom of the bowls, each bowl has several holes at the bottom of it, use a toothpick to make holes on the foil from the bottom of the bowl, as i demonstrate in the picture added (not a painter)


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  2. Thank you Manish for your kind word, sorry for being gone for so long now I'm back :)
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